Top 7 Reasons Why People Fail To Earn Money Online

Here is a fact:

Statistics show that only about 6-9% of people who start an online business see success within their first 1-2 years. 1% of these people will see very good success. The 1% of those people earn an exact monthly income to what the average person earns in one year at their job. Isn’t that mind boggling?

So why do so many people who start an online business, fail so fast and quit?

1. Never taking action.

Ask any magician and they will show you some sort of a magic that they are good at. Many people who do take that small and first step in the direction of making money online, think that some sort of a magic will happen while they sit back and wait for the money to roll in, even though they have done nothing yet. Making money online is not about magic. You need to take action and do the necessary work to succeed.

2. They lack training and support.

Many people who do start an internet home business have no idea how to market online, how to bring in customers, and they absolutely have no idea or clue on where to start properly. This leads to a quick frustration, which eventually leads to quitting.

3. No time to do anything.

It is so important to find the time each day to work your business and grow it in the right way. If you can not find anytime to devote to your business, then you have to anyway. Again, if you think that some sort of a magic trick will do, it would be better to stop wasting your precious time.

4. Not making their own decisions.

If you let family or friends control your thoughts and decisions, you need to make that shift and decide for yourself. Some people will let their family and friends influence them with their comments. You need to listen to 2 people while you are in business online. You need to find a good mentor and you need to listen to yourself and what your heart tells you. 99% of the time, your family and friends will try to talk you out of doing this and they will also tell you that it is a waste of time. Never listen to them.

5. No money to spare.

Lack of funds is one of the biggest obstacles for a new person. It is so very true that if you don’t have or just simply don’t want to invest any money, you will get nothing in return.

6. No money to invest.

Just like any other business in this world, you will need to invest money to make money. Many think that they can invest $30-$100 a month and expect to make $1000’s of dollars in return. This is so not true. Again, you need to invest the same amount each month if you are looking into making a nice full time income.

7. Fear of failure.

People will sit for many days and weeks and “think” of all the bad things that can happen. The loss of money. Not making enough sales. What would others say to them. Fear will kill any one’s desire to start or do anything in life. Even in business.

There are so many reasons why people never make it online. Everyone has their own theory about that. The most important thing that a person must do is to make a strong commitment to succeed and to never give up no matter what. Once you commit and drive by obstacles and setbacks, you will still be up and running forward to what your main goal is and that is success.

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