The Ultimate Wealth Package Scam

Slick website, over 25 pages of testimonials, claims that you can make “well over $50,000 for less than a months work”. Ultimate Wealth Package sure had my scam meter pegged. But, it’s less than $50 and I am always on the lookout for something new so I figured what the heck, I’ll give it a shot.

First a little background. I have been growing my internet business since 2001 and officially started doing this full time when I quit my day job on April 30, 2004. I have played around with setting up affiliate promotions with AdWords (one of the main topics in the Ultimate Wealth Package) and learned all I know the hard way – which means it cost me a lot of money (I would guess around $4,500 total) as I tested and retested until I hit on the formula that worked for me. So I was very interested to see what they had to say.

I ordered the Ultimate Wealth Package and got set up to put their “start earning a full time income working at home from your computer” and “you can start earning money within the next hour” claims to the test.

Now because I am in this business, I didn’t think it would be fair to them to evaluate Ultimate Wealth Package knowing what I know. I wanted to review this from the perspective of someone new to internet marketing so I enlisted the help of my wife (who only knows that I “do internet stuff”). She barely knows how to surf the internet so I thought what better person to put their claims to the test.

I must admit the first steps of getting started with Ultimate Wealth Package are a lot different from what I expected. I thought there would be long ebooks to read (my wife hates to read) or tons of research but Mark Warren (the creator of Ultimate Wealth Package) seems pretty focused on meeting his “earn money in one hour” promise.

Once we download the package, I gave it to my wife and watched as she got started. After she cheered because she didn’t have to read anything, we set the system in motion and the Ultimate Wealth Package servers got to work producing her a personal website that will do most of the selling. While that was going on, she followed their instructions and set up an account to collect the money from her sales and linked it to her UWP site.

Then we went to work following their promotion tips for her website and I have to admit at this point I helped a little. We were getting into the AdWords material here and I wanted to see if they really know what they’re talking about. I thought I knew everything important there was to know about AdWords but some of the UWP tips were new to me. I admit I was more than a little impressed at this point.

So, what happened after an hour? Unfortunately, it took us about three hours to get everything running the way we wanted so that “make money in an hour” claim didn’t hold true for us. But, like I said, my wife has very little internet experience so it probably took her a lot longer than it would normally take someone who’s been online for a while.

By this time it was around one in the morning so we called it a day. But, bright and early the next morning my wife woke me up jumping up and down because her site had made over $200 while we slept! She had to get to work so she let me go back to sleep but she called several times during the day wanting me to check her account balance for her. I had created a monster!

That was three weeks ago and she’s now on the internet almost as much as I am. She’s not close to earning $50,000 a month but, to be fair, that number comes from Mark Warren’s own business after a few years online so it’s probably not fair to judge my wife’s success against his. Still, she had implemented only a few of the Ultimate Wealth Package tips and was making almost as much online as she was in her day job. We’ll see if that continues but, if it does, maybe I need to take a closer look at the package to improve my own business.

So is the Ultimate Wealth Package a scam?

No, but it’s not all wine and roses either. I glossed over some of the details but I helped my wife with more of the technical stuff than I admitted. You will need enough technical skills to set up accounts with online services, manage marketing campaigns, and make some small changes to your web page. It’s all covered in the book but I can imagine it would have taken even more than the three hour set-up time had I not been there to help her.

You also need to have about $75 to invest in the program and put in around an hour or so a day to keep it growing so it’s not set it and forget it “make money without work” nonsense. But, honestly, if you’re not willing to put in an hour a day for the potential to earn $50,000 a month you really don’t have much of a future in online business anyway.

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