The Six Figure Second Income Book Review – Can You Really Earn One?

You have decided that it is time to start making money online and now you are looking for a way. I am sure you are doing a great deal of reading to learn how to make a SIX FIGURE INCOME online? Maybe you’re like me and need to work from home. I decided to start an online business this year, because I needed to work form home. I have come across some great books that really helped me understand how to carry out my goals. Now I am not saying that I have accomplished all of them yet. I am not even close if you really want to know, but I am confident of my success to come. That is how I know I will succeed at this. Confidence is a huge factor in accomplishing any goals and really anything in life. It is those who have confidence to succeed that make it.

This book review is about The Six Figure Second Income; How To Start and Grow A Successful Online Business Without Quitting Your Day Job. The book gives a reader strong quality information that will help start an online business. The Six Figure Second Income book is for people who want to learn how to earn an income even a six figure income, but don’t know how or where to start. I am sure you can attest to the abundant amount of information on the internet. How do you know where to start and if the information is accurate? The writers David Lindahl and Jonathan Rozek are aware of this and have written this based on their experiences. They know and understand that life is filled with demands. To offer a solution and have someone make it work; it will have to be easy.

The Six Figure Second Income book first talks about real and false barriers that people are faced with; they are so strong that they can stop someone from achieving their goals. Once these barriers are pointed out; you can see through them. Here are a few false barriers mentioned in the Six Figure Second Income book.

“I don’t have enough time”

“I don’t have enough money”

“It’s a bad economy”

After you face those barriers, they move on to the seven building blocks that need to be followed when building your online business. Here are a few:

Good domain names

Easy site designs

Email marketing


Lindahl and Rozek expose a few miss conceptions about driving traffic in The Six Figure Second Income. Learn how you can turn visitors into buyers, things you should avoid, and the mistakes that take away your commissions.

Developing a strong email marketing list is a big part of online earnings. The Six Figure Second Income book explains the 4 key points that are the building blocks for a successful email relationship. Sorry but you need to read the book for the 4 building blocks I can’t give it all away to you.

The Six Figure Second Income book comes highly recommend, because it offers common sense advice with proven tips to help you earn a six figure income online. The book and it’s methods are laid out so that you can work in your spare time working at your own pace answering the question Yes you can earn online.

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