The Pampered Chef Business – Helping You Cook Your Way To Residual Income

The Basics Behind Pampered Chef

The Pampered Chef Business is the largest direct seller of a wide variety of high quality kitchen utensils that help make cooking simple, easy and fun. The business is a part of Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway.

The kitchen tools are known for their long-lasting durability and high quality, and are marketed via a sales force of Independent Consultants. The company was created by Doris Christopher, and was launched in 1980. Doris is a former educator and home economist who saw the need for professional quality kitchen tools in the average kitchen. She began by showcasing her inventory of home kitchen tools at in-home cooking demonstrations called cooking shows.

Pampered Chef biz representatives offer kitchen tools, demonstrate food preparation techniques and share recipes with potential customers.

The company has its headquarters in the USA and has international offices in Canada, Germany and the UK among other countries. Since 1980, sales and revenue of this company have been on the rise, and there are over 60,000 Independent Representatives worldwide, providing service to well over 10 million customers.

The majority of the kitchen utensils are exclusive to the company, and are marketed primarily through in-home cooking demos.

With a staff compliment consisting of home economists, food science professionals, chefs, dietitians and product developers among others, the company continually expands its kitchen utensils base, and develops new recipes every year, to align with changing ingredient and lifestyle trends.

Pampered Chef is registered with the Direct Selling Association, and is a Better Business Bureau accredited business.

Through Independent Consultants, customers can see how the great range of products work, try them out and even taste the results. Many of the consultants are women and mothers.

With an ever-expanding range of high-quality exclusive products, the business offers its Independent Reps a viable business opportunity.

Setting Up Your Own Business With Pampered Chef

As an Independent Representative with your Pampered Chef biz opportunity, you make money through sales of kitchen utensils, and you make money off the sales of the Pampered Chef Consultants you put in your downline.

The majority of sales for Independent Representatives come from home parties, or kitchen shows. Reps use the dependable cookware and tools, as well as their skill, to show their kitchen utensils and make sales in the process.

Customers request to host a kitchen show, and the Independent Distributor is the chef, and prepares food using the company products.

Reps get a starter kit upon joining, and they also have an online catalogue where they can offer other kitchen utensils to customers who may not wish to host a party. These kitchen tools make cooking fun and easy. This allows the consumer to purchase whatever products they may like on the internet.

Through their Home Business Opportunity, Independent Reps also have web tools, including a website where they can:

  • showcase their products catalogue, provide a link to customers looking to host a show
  • provide access to other people wishing to become Independent Reps with the Pampered Chef business.

Consultants and customers of the products claim the meals prepared using the kitchen utensils taste wonderful, are cost-effective, full of flavour and save time.

Earning Income With The Pampered Chef Business Opportunity

With the business opportunity, you can earn money in one of two ways:

  1. Sell kitchen tools and products via in-home cooking shows or the online catalogue
  2. Build a team of Independent Consultants under you.

Your income increases as you help others build successful Pampered Chef businesses.

A lot of independent Consultants are however not utilizing the technology at their fingertips to market their home business opportunity, make more sales and sponsor more Independent Consultants under them. Home parties and kitchen shows are a great way to grow your Pampered Chef biz opportunity, but that doesn’t help you advertise your business opportunity for success.

Leverage technology and you can:

  1. Let the world know about your business opportunity and kitchen utensils
  2. Attract interested leads to call you, asking about your kitchen tools and asking to host a party with you as the chef

Maximize on the use of technology that you already have access to, such as Social Media for example, to get the word out about your home business opportunity, and potentially attract more customers, sales and prospects interested in becoming Independent Reps.

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