Success Rate in the Amway Business

It is common for people with little understanding of the Amway business to say that around 97% do not make any money and never become successful. They use this assertion to put people off the Amway business.

The statement is not only wrong but misleading.

The statement ignores the efforts Network Marketers are making in building their businesses. Let me give you an example. if you have a group of athletes who do not prepare properly for a major athletic event, hardly do any train, do not keep to a strict eating regiment and do not follow coaching instructions what is the chance of them winning any medals? The chances are virtually nil. Does that mean you cannot succeed as an athlete (assuming you have the talent). No it does not.

The above example applies to the Amway business. Majority of people who join Amway hardly do anything of significance. it was estimated that 75% of those who become involved in the business never sponsor anyone. Only around 25% sponsor another human being. It is almost safe to assume that these people will not make any meaningful financial return from their business. There are exception of course with those who join Amway purely to retail. But then, if you decide to concentrate purely retailing your products, you will still need to take you retailing business seriously to earn money.

It is noted that about half of those who join Amway quit in the first year. Some start and then decide to quit. Most treat their business as a hobby and then quit when they are not making money. Some are turned off when they learn that the business will require a lot of work. It is a certainty that if you put nil effort into something you will get nil returns. This is the same for any business not just the Amway business. I guess the reason why people do not take their Network Marketing business seriously is because of the low entry fees. People do not feel they losing much financially when they quit. They may have had the wrong belief that it is a get rick quick scheme. It will be a different story if people had invested thousands of pounds or dollars in start up costs and know that they will suffer financial losses if they are not serious about their business.

A better way to look at the success rate in Amway would be to look at the number of those who are making the effort to build their Amway business. We can look at those who are actively exposing the sales and marketing plan, those who have done enough sales to earn an income, those who have followed the teachings of their leaders, those who have invested enough time in self development, those who are building depth and width in their business. And also those who are adding new people to their list of contacts. Base your analysis on active Network Marketers as a and this will give you a better idea of the success rate of the Amway businesses. It would be wrong to base your analysis on those who are doing nothing.

Your Amway business is a business and should be treated as a business. It requires consistent and serious work and persistence. Financial rewards will not come automatically to you, you will need to work to have success in Amway.

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