Social Bookmarking is a Waste of Time?

Social bookmarking is still a comparatively new SEO tool but is the one that is gaining popularity all the time, particularly in the blogging area. Using social bookmarking for SEO purposes does have some drawbacks. In the start you will find out that in most of the bookmarking sites, there is no ‘dofollow’ links so if you try to link your site, apart from getting traffic, it will be a waste of time because search engines will not pay you any credit for these types of links. So it is important to serve some time to looking for websites that offer ‘dofollow’ links. This is a time consuming job but another time consuming aspect of social bookmarking is that if you want to link to your own sites then you should also link to various other sites as well as to make your links natural. If you just think to link to your own site then you will be banned.

There are few disadvantages of bookmarking but there are also some positive aspects about social bookmarking. The best advantage is that you can easily get higher rankings of search engines for many of your internal pages, whether you run a website or a blog. When you post some link on a famous social bookmarking site and match the link to the title of your blog or webpage, you will find that it’s very easy and simple to get high rankings. You will also find that your page appeared in the search engine within just few hours. However, these links are usually considered low quality but they may help you to acquire high rankings for those key phrases with low competition. With the passage of time, the traffic you get as a result of good rakings for all of these keywords can really add up.

So in general I think this type of bookmarking is an excellent technique, at least in terms of getting your pages good ranked. For higher success, you should definitely optimize your home page to create your website as an authority site, but this will generally require you to apply other forms of SEO as well. Social bookmarking is said to be one best and easiest ways to earn money on the internet. For online customers, social bookmarking helps to classifying, storing, searching and sharing internet bookmarks. As a part of social book marking system, a user may store a list of internet resources that he considers useful and make them accessible to the public. Other customers with same interest may also view and sort the links by category, topic or tags.

Social bookmarking not only makes your website easier to locate but it can also be a source of more traffic towards your site. You may even opt to vend space on your website to different advertisers, which will provide more profit. One more important thing is to make sure that you have updated the best and useful information on your webpage. Do this and you will take good advantage of social bookmarking.

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