Review of Ewen Chia and Patric Chan’s Latest Live Seminar – Secrets of Internet Business

Hordes of fans of two widely-known internet marketers Ewen Chia and Patric Chan have witnessed a grand merging of the two internet tycoons and gurus through a once in a lifetime seminar.

With their series of seminars on Secrets of Internet Business, the latest came out just as everybody has expected-witty, lively and practical. The series of seminars both available in Malaysia and Singapore (where Ewen and Patric came from respectively) has inspired online businessmen and wannabes to strive more for their internet businesses.

Hailing from Singapore, Ewen Chia has plunged into every opportunity internet marketing can offer. He has been dubbed as the “World’s No. 1 Super Affiliate” and has extensive knowledge on the areas of internet marketing, product creation, online branding, profit leveraging and business integration. He has been in the field since 1997.

During the latest seminar on Secrets of Internet Business, he was able to share to his audience the same dynamic tips and ideas he included in his books such as the “How I Made My First Million on the Internet and How You Can Too.” He talked about generation of traffic which will help you big time in getting visitors and customers for your website. He even applied the idea to social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter. He also demonstrated to the audience how to use these sites effectively.

Ewen was also able to effectively outline the Cloning Program, which is another component of his easiest way to make money online. The idea of this program is for internet business people to copy their mentors, rather than create their own pattern in doing online marketing.

Patric Chan continued teaching the students on how to make money online. For his part, he shared to the audience how he used YouTube to drive traffic. He relayed to the listeners about what videos will most likely attract viewers and how to make such videos.

Patric has been in the industry of internet marketing since 2003, and has since then demonstrated his skill and ingenuity with online business. He has been expert in niche marketing and has profited with online business fortes in personal growth, movie and pets among others.

During the seminar, he also shared about the advantages of blogging on making money online. He even showed a few samples of auto-blogging sites which paved the way for him to earn big cash.

For finale, Patric offered tips to the audience on how to create auto blogging by themselves through the system called MASS, after which he followed with a lesson on FLIPPA system to create income.

Both speakers offered practical and varied topics which can be found useful for experienced online business practitioners and neophytes as well. And, with the success of Ewen and Patric’s previous seminars, internet marketers and those interested in plunging into the industry of internet marketing, will surely want to see them live and learn a lot about earning money online.

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