Numis Network Reviews – Who Is Mike Mezack?

Founding Partners of Numis

Numis network was founded by a small group of visionaries and marketing experts. If you do some research on Mike Mezack, Ian Cordell, Christopher Kent, and Jake Kervorkian you will find this company is led by an experienced team that is set to explode their company in the next few months. Christopher, Ian, and Jake have had many years experience in developing compensation plans with their International Direct Selling Technology Corporation. As a major player in Vaxa Jake Kevorkian added further strength to the team. He also works with a Tampa radio as the host on the Consumer Education Network. They further strengthened their team by joining up with Mike Mezack, an infomercial expert on the Home Shopping Network in the collection of Numismatic silver and gold coins. In his 20 years of T.V. sales, Mike has sold over $100million worth of Numismatic coins. This was the beginning of Numis Network, but the home office is now filled with many more dedicated people willing to help you as a new executive with Numis.

Numis online Store

As an executive each person is set up with a credit card enabled online web store, many training videos, and a lead capture page with an auto-responder set up to give you leads more information about the benefits of marketing graded silver and gold coins. The Numis store has a constantly increasing selection of graded Numismatic Silver and Gold coins, jewelery, and Forever Crystals. The coins are a mixture of both newly minted and older coins from around the world. But the flagship coin of Numis, and the first sent on auto-ship, is the U.S. American Silver Eagle. If a person does a search for a “ANACS MS70 American Silver Eagle” they will find that there are a few different companies that sell these coins at various prices. The Numis coin prices, in their online store, are generally found to be below the retail prices of their competition for similarly graded coins. The executive gets a wholesale discount on all personally purchased coins.

How to Earn Money with Numis

There are several ways an executive can earn an income with the Numis Network. Commissions are made on the difference of the retail sale price and the wholesale price of coins sold out of their on-line Numis Store. There are also different fast track bonuses and coded bonuses as a person moves up the “Star” ladder. The fast track bonus ($100) is when a person sells an executive plan with a fast start collectors kit. Upon qualifying, several other bonuses and coded bonuses are paid out in a dynamic binary compensation plan.

Your Work Yields Results

But it is a Net”Work” marketing system. The amount of money a person makes is generally a direct reflection of how much work an individual puts into his or her business. While many training videos and weekly training webinars are available, you will have to take the training and put it into action to get results. Recently Numis has started a monthly Numis University program for the individual that wants to accelerate their home business and become a leader in the Numismatic MLM industry.

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