Introduction to Click2Sell Affiliate Marketing Network – Sell Your Products Online

If you have always wanted a ready made system that ensured you could sell products easily then here is the solution! Presenting Click2sell, a powerful, one stop solution that allows you to sell any kind of digital products, run affiliate programs, recruit new affiliates for enhancing your business and also accept payments directly and immediately into payment processor accounts.

Why selling through Click2Sell is better?

Click2Sell.EU allows you to easily tie up with their robust and extensive affiliate network to easily sell your products of choice. You can not just sell digital products but also material based or subscription based products as well. In addition, Click2sell also has flexible payment processing accounts like PayPal, Moneybookers, Worldpay, Authorize NET, Google Checkout and several others using which you can us to receive payments instantly from your customers worldwide! Such a seamless system entails that you no longer would have to wait endless days to receive payment as everything is instant and online! Click2sell also enables receipt of payment in various currency formats like British Pound, Euro or even the US Dollar so that you have pretty much the entire market base within your reach! You can become a full-fledged merchant, start an affiliate program by registering the product on the marketplace at Click2sell and then start recruiting affiliates. The interface is user-friendly that you could be a complete non-technical person and still be on your way to making money online. Registration is completely free which offers an added advantage.

Great for affiliates too

If you join Click2sell as an affiliate you can hope to earn as much as 95% of all the sales commissions that happen on the site. You can select and start referring as many products as you wish for. All you need to do is to choose the product and then start promoting it. Payment of commissions earned happen on an automatic basis which means no more delays in receiving your hard earned money! Payments happen directly to your PayPal or Moneybookers account. Hence everything is instant without delay. Thus no other affiliate can ever steal commissions you have rightfully earned. The Click2sell also has a merchant rating system for all its merchants which affiliates can make informed decisions on which merchants can be trusted and are genuine. All commissions earned are paid out in a timely manner thus protecting the interests of the affiliates.

Easy customer support access

Click2sell has a flexible and readily available customer support team because of which neither a merchant nor an affiliate will ever face any glitches. There are contact forms, forums on Click2sell, FAQ sections as well as readily available user guides all of which work holistically to help out the users of Click2sell services.

Tracking and reporting mechanisms

Now analyzing your performance of pay per click campaigns or any other forms of advertising is very easy because of the reporting and tracking mechanisms on the site. Check on the performance of affiliates, monitor daily progress on sales, analyze referrals and PPC campaigns that divert traffic to your site, analyze strategic keywords that maximize sales conversions etc. Whether you want to sell your digital, material or subscription based products online, Click2Sell is a great platform for merchants and affiliates to start selling products and make money easily.

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