How to Make Money With Writing Articles

A good way for earning substantial income is to make money with writing articles. Writing articles for making money is an affiliate marketing technique used by a lot of savvy affiliates to generate thousands of dollars on the internet today. Before you start to learn how to make money with writing articles you need to make sure that you cover some critical points in the article you are going to write.

Let’s see what it takes to write a super star article, read on…

1. Select your keywords properly

Keyword selection will make or break your article campaign. You need to select a low competition keyword if you want your article to be picked fast by search engines like Google and yahoo.

Choosing a targeted keyword needs some research, let’s say you are a member in an online forum which offers an excellent affiliate marketing education like Wealthy Affiliate forum. You want to promote this forum to earn some commissions when you refer new members. First thing you will do is to search for a low competition keyword to let your article show on the first page of Google and let people see it fast.

The key point here is to search for QUOTED keywords less than 5000 daily searches, so if you go to Google and searched for “make money online” you will find that this keyword has a heck of daily searches more than 14,000,000 Wow so if you want to write an article targeting this keyword is just like trying to catch a train! That is simply because there are a GIANTS out there who have businesses since years and they have built excellent relations with Google so they will show before you for sure. The solution here is to target more detailed keyword like “make money with writing articles” for example, when you type this word into Google you will get about 20,000 daily searches which is much better than 14,000,000 and your chances now to make money with article writing is worth the work.

However, we still need to find a keyword which has 5000 daily searches or less but you know now how to dig more and find a new keyword with low competition. That is crucial to your campaign success.

2. Condensate your keyword within your article between 1%-3%

Condensing keywords means that your targeted keyword should be repeated several times in your article as when divided by the whole words should get a result of 1%-3% and this is very important for the search engine optimization of your article. A short keyword should be repeated roughly 10-15 times in a 500 words article. Condensing your keywords properly will allow you to make money with writing articles easily as Google will love your content and show you up normally in the first page. However, you don’t want to increase the density percentage above 3% as Google in this case will see your article as a scam!

3. Submit your article

In order to let your article be visible by online users you have to submit it to article directories like Ezine, article database and other directories. By doing that you are almost done with your article writing.

The best places to submit your article to: EzineArticles, Articlebase and Hubpages.

These are the main directories where you will get good amount of traffics and back links to your landing page or offer. EzineArticles is the most effective directory and will let you make money with writing articles fast as Google loves it and ranks its articles always high. However, there are advanced techniques and tools can be used to drive awesome number of visitors and increasing your sales potential but still these directories are the best way to start and make money with writing articles with no cost.

4. Rinse and repeat.

After finishing writing your article and submitting it start writing a new one applying the same techniques. Make sure you write at least 10 articles for every niche targeting different keyword for each one and then track your stats. The higher the number of CTR you get for an article means the closer a sale so make sure you analyze your article stats from the article directory and when you know the keyword that has the large amount of clicks expand your article network targeting this keyword BUT with FRESH CONTENT!

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