How To Make $10,530 Per Month Online From Internet Marketing

Is it really possible to make $10,530 per month from internet marketing?

The short answer is YES!

There are persons who are making a lot more than that at this very moment. You see the internet has provided so many opportunities that even a technophobe can start an online business which generates huge profits without them doing any work at all.

Yes, that’s right. There are places that sells websites that are already making money and all you have to do is to change the links on these websites so that you get credited with the revenue being generated. Think of it like a franchise model. You buy a ‘business‘ that is already generating a monthly revenue without you having to do any market research, creating products or any of the demanding tasks which accompanies starting a new business.

Sure it may cost you about 10-12 times the monthly income to purchase these websites but after that 10 month period of having the website, everything will be pure profit. So a website site that is making $300 per month may cost you anywhere from $3,000 – $3,600 and if you are good at negotiating you may get a better deal.

So it may take about ten months to get your investment back if the website continues to generate the same amount of revenue on a monthly basis. But get this, you could also invest another $1,000 on that website and literally double the revenue. So you may spend and a little bit extra but you’ll get back your investment and start profiting in a shorter period of time.

But How Do You Generate $10,530 per month?

The above model of buying websites that are already profitable is one way to make money online. However, there’s an even better way that is more secure and is literally guaranteed if you do it right.

You see, with the above method anything can go wrong and the income from these websites can disappear in an instant. So while it can be very profitable, it’s also a huge risk.

Making $10,530 per month is not as hard as it seems. You simply need to follow a proven blueprint and be consistent at it.

Here’s the formula:

  • 1. Find a market with a burning problem 2.
  • Create a free report that answers this problem (You can outsource this if you are not knowledgeable in the area)
  • 3. Build a lead capture page to give away your free report.
  • 4. Get an Autoresponder account to automatically deliver your report
  • 5. Drive targeted traffic to your lead capture page where you collect information such as name and email address from your prospects.
  • 6. Follow up with your subscribers to build a relationship with them and market related affiliate products.

That’s it.

See I told you it was very easy. So to make $10,530 per month you need to be averaging at least $351 per day in revenue. This could be 10 sales at $35 or 7 sales at $50.

So let’s say that you are promoting an affiliate product that pays you $50 per sale. The total price of the product may be $97 but $50 is your commission. There are lots of products at these price range on affiliate networks such as

Now let’s say the product converts at about 1% from cold traffic but at around 5% from your subscribers. That means for every 100 visitors you send to the merchant, 5 of them will buy.

So in order to make 7 sales per day, you need to be sending 140 visitors per day to the merchants website. And since these visitors are coming from your email list, you need to be adding new subscribers everyday.

So to be consistent, you need to also be getting 140 new subscribers daily! The only problem you would have now is driving enough targeted traffic to get that amount of leads.

This also is not hard because there are tons of ways to drive targeted traffic. Just pick a method and become good at it and you’ll have a consistent flow of traffic generating new leads for you day in day out.

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