How to Earn Money by Sharing Your Gift Ideas

Yes, you can earn money just by sharing your gift ideas. Following the basic principle of affiliate marketing, all you need are your gift ideas, some images, and your affiliate links. Here are the specific steps.

Step 1. Sign up for an affiliate program.

If you’re not yet a member of an affiliate program, you might want to start with reputable brands such as Amazon and Zazzle. Not only do they have a wide selection of products, they are also 100% legit. Sign up for these programs, and wait for your account to be approved. Upon approval, you can start selecting products you’d like to promote.

Step 2. Find a theme.

Seasoned affiliate marketers publish several types of content to promote products they’re interested in. For instance, if they are targeting consumers to buy an electronic item, they might create a review article for it.

But in your case, you want to harness the power of gifts and gift-giving to speak to your target audience. So when you choose a product, always consider a theme. For instance, if you want to promote backpacks, you might want to focus on backpacks that kids will love as gifts.

Step 3. Choose your products.

Once you’re comfortable with a theme, go through Amazon or Zazzle and choose the best products that support your theme. Going back to the same example of backpacks above, you might want to find the 10 best-selling or top-rated backpacks on Amazon.

Step 4. Write your article.

Start with the title. It has to capture your audience’s attention, or at least show that it is informative to the reader. Next, create your description of each of the products. Then, end it with a strong conclusion, or what others call a call-to-action.

Don’t forget to include the affiliate links of your products in your gift-themed article. These links serve as your identity as an affiliate marketer. When your readers click on these links and they purchase what you promote, the commission goes to you. If you don’t include these links, you won’t earn anything.

These affiliate links can be found at your account with the affiliate program you signed up for.

Step 5. Publish your article.

There are different platforms that you can use to publish your article. You can use free sites such as Squidoo, Wizzley; or you can create your own site using free blogging platforms such as WordPress and Blogger.

Step 6. Market your article.

After publishing your gift-related article, it’s time to market it through free or paid methods. You can use social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to spread the word, or you can use paid techniques such as PPC to gain a wider audience.

If all things go well, people will click on your affiliate links, buy the gifts you promote, and you’ll earn money as a result. The more gifts bought, the better are your earnings. There may be a learning curve, but you will get the hang of it.

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