How Third World Marketers Have An Unique Advantage

The internet has made it possible for individuals from all over

the world to start their own business for a fraction of what it

would normally cost. This can a very promising prospect

especially if you reside in the Third World. As a writer and

webmaster from Jamaica, I have had some wonderful experiences. I

feel different even weird at times because I am not on the well

trodden roads to success.

You see, when you finish school most people opt to continue

their education and obtained a college degree with the hopes of

securing a well paid job. Here in Jamaica, every summer

thousands of high school graduates leave school and only a small

percentage of them is able to get work. What happens is that

the unemployment rate is always going up amongst young people

and there are limited opportunities for job creation.

Being able to secure a job as a low paid government employee, I

soon realized that my job did not offer much in terms of job

security. I found out that the internet could be used to generate

a source of income and I started my first website soon after

making the discovery.

The internet is a Godsend and has changed the paradigms for

creating wealth. The route most persons take to achieve success


A) Go to school

B) Secure a college degree

C) Join the rat race

D) Stay and run the mills until the age of retirement

A small percentage has decided to go against the grain and

become entrepreneurs. These people decided that the rat race is

not for them and they should be the one calling all the shots.

They earn a higher income than employees with lot more perks.

With the emergence of the internet as a revenue generating

medium, there as being a steady growth every year of the number

of persons starting their own ecommerce business.

And if you are from the “Developing World” like me, then we have

a more or less unique advantage depending on where you live.

Your ebusiness can be a major source of foreign exchange which

can work wonders for your income. Say for example you make your

money through Google’s AdSense program. A webmaster in New York

receiving a check for $US500 would consider it to be small

change because of the higher costs of rent, electricity and so

on. Joe Webmaster living in Haiti or Jamaica would be smiling

all the way to the bank when he converts that $500 to local


And to be honest I consider it to be a reward of some sort.

Having been born and grown in the bowels of poverty, I feel

delighted to know that we can find ways to become successful and

achieve our objectives despite limited resources. I started my

ebusiness at a public library and I did not have a computer or

credit card. That’s one of the beauties of the internet; you can

start with little or no money.

The internet is available to anyone no matter your geographical

location, and the opportunities are equal even though the

resources at hand may not be. Those $500 checks or more can be

life changing depending on your local currency rates and whether

you live in the Caribbean, Africa or Asia.

As I said before I started out in this business without a

computer, no credit card and no internet connection. The

experience and knowledge you gain from starting your own

ebusiness can be very fulfilling and guess what you may even

launch a consultancy service and earn money from local

businesses if you are adept at web design or internet marketing.

Remember what I said about having a unique advantage? The

advantage is that now you would be able to earn both local and

foreign currency and smile all the way to the bank.

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