Green Mountain Energy Review! Is It Good Or Not for You?

With power deregulation in many states, a lot of private energy companies came up and one of these is Green Mountain Energy. Green Mountain Energy is based in Texas and provides electricity that is 100% generated through renewable wind sources. It provides residential and commercial electricity as well as carbon offsets that help enterprises and businesses to improve their environmental position.

Unlike other energy companies that sell equipment for making your own solar energy or wind energy, Green Mountain Energy supplies electricity that is created through natural resources. This is obviously more expensive than energy supplied by a traditional company but a lot of people who are turning to a greener, eco friendly life are using Green Mountain Energy.

The company supplies energy to Texas residents through individual sales representatives. It is a traditional multi level marketing plan where representatives earn money by signing up new customers and a residual income through the monthly bills of customers.

The compensation program pays till seven levels. The fee to become an independent sales representative ranges from $329 to $999. You will have to sign up three members as your downline in the beginning. According to the company, representatives can make up to $10,000 as onetime bonus by recruiting three reps and signing up two customers. Since the company relies on traditional multi level marketing, the way to get leads is through a DVD presentation that you can make to your warm market or by creating a website to attract leads.

The downside is that the company does not provide any training to representatives once they sign up. Also, the cost of electricity is quite high so finding interested customers could be a little difficult. The overall process is time intensive but is a good option for seasoned professionals.

Another problem with Green Mountain Energy is that although it claims to derive energy from ‘green’ resources, a large part of the energy still comes from fuel. It is procured from different companies and distributed through an even power grid. Although a little difficult to peruse, the Green Mountain Energy does offer lucrative residual income opportunities.

Since the company does not offer any kind of training, it is important that you seek the help of a seasoned network marketer. As a mentor, they will teach you insider tips and secrets using which they became successful at multi level marketing. Learning from someone who has been there, done that can help you fasten your learning process. Instead of struggling with traditional techniques, your mentor will teach you how to use new age skills like attraction marketing to get high quality leads. This is usually the area that defines success or failure. Training without direction is like have a Ferrari with no fuel, useless… GET A MENTOR!!!

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