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Secure Future International Marketing Group has been in business for over 10 years built ground up for the internet and it has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2000. SFI’s president Gery Carson has nearly 25 years of leadership in the direct mail and internet marketing industries , in 1998 he founded SFI and today its one of the top fastest companies with over 8,000 new affiliates each week. Gery Carson’s remarkable strategies are woven throughout SFI’s marketing system offering marketing tips and internet income training. Whether you are marketing online or offline, these resources are available at no extra cost with your free affiliate membership.

Given your rank, SFI can pay out over 60% in commission and gives you the chance to earn this income without spending a dime. Since August of 2009, SFI uses a point based system called Versa Points or VP to provide qualifications and earn rank to determine commission. Starting at just 500VP you will receive 20% in customer commissions and 15% in affiliate override commissions. Potentially you can earn up to 6,000 VP or more to receive 72% customer commissions and 40% in overrides. Versa Points are reset each month, but your rank will be carried over by the VP amount in the previous month to maintain access to SFI tools, reports, and of course commissions.

Your first month starts out quite simple being able to achieve VP by just learning about the company. You will have a VP scoreboard to follow listing FAQs and a series of informative pages called the LaunchPad. The LaunchPad series has been designed in a 30-day course for your first month to keep your success with SFI on track, the LaunchPad will be delivered daily by email for 30 days or you can go at your own pace while earning Versa Points.

To build income with SFI it is best to keep those Versa Points racked up and take advantage of a couple sub-divisions of SFI, Triple Clicks and EyeEarn. Triple Clicks is SFI’s store with a catalog of their own products, affiliate products, and products from a variety of retailers called MaxMalls. Affiliates are encouraged to look on Triple Clicks for items they would normally purchase elsewhere so that your purchases can be turned into commissions for the sponsors and uplines. In other words, you earn commission on the purchases of your referrals too.

Though you do not have to spend money to earn with SFI, if you are having trouble maintaining VP to keep commissions from become forfeit, it is helpful and optional to create a standing order which allows you to automatically buy products from the Triple Clicks store each month to earn VP on qualified products. Also, as an affiliate you are able to list your own items for sale with credits, and upon finishing your LaunchPad you will receive free credits to use as a reward.

EyeEarn has also been an active program of SFI. Start by ordering the EyeEarn starter kit for $20.00+s/h to take part in 3 more income streams. Being enrolled in EyeEarn you will receive referral credit on a portion of new Triple Clicks customers and other EyeEarners. You will also receive one share of the MaxMalls and the EyeEarn commission pools every month. In order to qualify you will need to maintain at least 1,500VP for 1 share, but you can obtain up to 6,000VP for 5 shares.

Raising your VersaPoints is the essential part of earning income with SFI. The more points you have and maintain the higher your pay will be. I suggest ordering an EyeEarn kit as soon as possible and set a standing order on Triple Clicks to maintain that 1,500VP each month. You do not need to spend money to make money with SFI, but if you are unable to sponsor enough active affiliates, achieving 1,500VP without a standing order can be rough at times. But, do what you have to, stay enrolled in EyeEarn with 1,500VP minimum each consecutive month so you will receive loyalty bonuses of an additional 1 share every 12 months.

Start your free affiliate membership today without hesitation and see much more of what SFI has to offer your business. With effort SFI turns over noticeable profit whether your invest money or not, and over time you can reach a potential six-figure income with SFI alone.

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