Earn Money Online As You Sleep

What you must do is ‘build a list’. If you think everybody else is saying the same thing, it is because building a list works, period. This is true for the simple reason that as you probably know, it is much easier selling to an existing customer and a lot harder to get a new one to buy from you.

You can start building a list by placing a squeeze page online and offering your prospects something of value. For those of you doing online business for a while and not getting any sales, I can tell you what you need to do to start making money as you sleep. It will require some work but it is worth it, since it is a process that automates your email delivery, giving you the chance that you deserve, which is earning online on complete autopilot.

You need to give your subscribers some incentive related to what they want to know about, to give you their name and email addresses in return for a free report, e-book, or free course about solving their problems. That is how simple it looks

Once your contact with your subscribers becomes a good relationship where they get a lot of value from you and trust you, the auto-responder you use for this purpose is the tool that is going to automate this process, making it, sooner or later, responsible for getting you sales if your promotional messages are in tune with your subscribers’ interests.

While the auto-responder is a wonderful tool that will make you earn while you sleep, if your messages are well structured and give a lot of value, you still need careful attention to having the correct links for the wants and solutions your prospects need. There are things like the spacing of the messages, the intensity of the promotions, and most importantly the relevance of the solutions offered, that needs to be iron out.

You may think that having the promotional messages is a very difficult thing, that you have to be good at writing or that it is difficult finding the right offers and so on. The truth is neither of these things is that difficult if you choose to do some research for programs online that tell you how to do it or you can even get those things done for you at very affordable prices.

Some auto-responders are free even, although I would not recommend any for you if you are serious about having a real business online. The best ones also allow you near free periods to test their worth, so you can find the most convenient one to use. And as for the email sequences, if you don’t like writing them, or you don’t think you can do them, let me assure you that they are already there online about all sort of subjects or niches that you can purchase very cheaply.

If you go that route, getting them outsourced or buying them already done and configured, can get you started a lot quicker for a small price, some as low as $17!

Or you can get together a PLR (Private Label Rights) auto-responder email set and tweak them to your customer’s needs and you are ready to go.

Many of these auto-responder packages, have everything in place for you to do the email sequence campaigns, all necessary links for the different products in your niches and all the pre-selling content. And you don’t have to guess or think hard about the frequency of emails or what they should be about, since the writer of the package has taken good care of it all, including how to upload them to the auto-responder you chose to use.

After that, you are good to go and you will see sales coming through because the products you will be promoting are carefully chosen for you together with the rapport that the emails are crafted for, to build the relationship with your list, which is vitally important.

How do the product owners know that you have sent your customers to them? That happens because each email that you sent out to your list promoting something, is tagged with your affiliate link to that product. When they purchase the product, your link reveals it is you who sent them and so you will get your commission normally around 50% to 75% of the price, sometimes even 100%!

Will you now decide to take action to start earning money online while you sleep? Most probably you will, since it is not something that requires a lot of work and yet the rewards are great for something that you can set up once and forget, apart from doing some adjustments now and then for traffic generation techniques.

German Calvo

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