Don’t Sell This Online and You’ll Get $10,000.00 Richer!

It is crucial that netprenuers understand what to sell and not to – online because you don’t want to compete with the established giant such as Amazon unless your product is totally unique!

Rule #1: Don’t sell something people can easily buy at the local supermarket!

If people can find clothes, porcelain dinner set, screwdriver, steering wheels in their local supermarkets, WHY would the want to purchase from your online store? These markets are already catered by the local supermarkets and they can easily find during their weekly shopping trip.

UNLESS, your product is something totally unique, such as antiques porcelain from China, or custom made sport rims. If you can tap a gap in these ‘Giants’ store line of products, it may be worthwhile spending your time, creating your own online store. But if there is None, don’t do it…

Rule #2: Don’t sell a “time-sensitive” product!

This rule applies to product which for example are needed fast to ‘cure’ or simply a fast pain-relief item or medicine. If they need an answer fast to their problem such as muscular pain or to stop bleeding, why would they wait for their item to be shipped in the next two days? Normally, this does not work online.

Unless you are selling like a special thermometer for flu or an electronic device for blood pressure count, which is not an immediate item.

Rule #3: Don’t enter a market with a massive amount of competition!

Avoid competing with giants store such as Amazon, or entering a market for Golf Training Guide for example. Instead, you can move further into a more targeted area such as How To Improve Your Left-Swing? or How To Choose the right golf ball? It may sound uncapturing, but the reality, would you prefer to compete with 57,000,000 million websites or just 5,000 ? (which is still to big to handle)

You might just just create a how to product such as, How To Draw Cartoon Like Pro in 15minutes, or How to Carve and Ice Statue of a Mermaid.

Suggestion : Information Product.

If you can make and information product, that is the best thing to SELL Online. To do it better, if you can find any friends or even your own hobby which is totally unique, VIDEOTAPE it, burn to a cd, and start selling.

This will sell like ‘hotcakes’, especially if you can tap into a market which has very little help and competition.

You can always create an opportunity for yourself with a How-To-Information Product. Try searching in forums, and join any specific YahooGroups relating to certain hobbies or subject. by listening to your audience, you will find some answers what to do next.

OK Folks, To Your Success

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