Does Your Teenager Want to Work But Can’t Find a Job?

Is your teenager looking for a job but has found that the competition is fierce with the economy hitting everyone so hard? It seems that everyone is feeling the effect in one way or another. With all the job losses and businesses shutting down it is so hard for the breadwinner of the family to find a job that they are settling for the jobs usually filled by teens. It is hard for a teenager working for date or gas money to compete with a man or woman working to feed their families. More than not, the employer is going to fill these positions with someone they feel has more motivation to stick it out and will have more loyalty to the position.

Another huge challenge for young teens is that most companies will not hire kids under 16 years of age, which puts kids 15 and under at a real disadvantage. Younger teens may not be working for date money or even gas money yet but with their parents out of work, their allowances would be one of the first expenses to go in the family budget. They still need some spending money to hopefully start saving for college or for their own car, but also just to go to the mall to hang out with their friends or for video games they want between birthdays and holidays and just to have cash for the extras at school. Being able to purchase as a soda or pay their way into a movie while hanging with friends is an important part of socializing in your teen years. Teens, young and old, want to be able to feel that they are able to purchase things on their own without having to ask Mom or Dad.

The problem with all of that is even though the jobs are being cut and salaries being lost, I don’t see the price of movies being cut or the cost of gas being reduced at the same rate. More than ever, teens need a way to earn some cash, not necessary enough to live on, but enough to learn responsibility and have some independence. Another issue with the younger teens is that when their parents are working, they have limited access to get to work even if they can find a job. If they are lucky enough to be able to walk to work then great, but the majority won’t be that fortunate.

One way for kids to earn some money, fortunately, is right in their own homes, free from needing gas money or a ride from Mom or Dad. It is available on a flexible schedule and they can work around their schoolwork and chores; that of course is the internet. Now I know that you are thinking sure, my child can surf the web, talk on Facebook, watch YouTube, email and IM but they don’t know anything about building or designing a website. Fortunately for kids and for adults who are not web designers or experts in HTML, you don’t have to know all that stuff to have a website. There are numerous ways to get a website set up and running without any of that knowledge. Now as you learn how it works then sure, you can design and run many kinds of businesses on the web but for a beginner it is easier than ever.

There are many free website designers on the web so you can create your own site but there is now available to real beginners an opportunity for them to earn money by simply giving away, (yes I said giving away) an eBook. I know that sounds crazy but for a beginner you can’t beat it and in most cases the website can be up and running in a matter of hours; all your teen would need to do is put a link to his/her site (designed for them) on their Facebook, MySpace pages and in all the emails they send out. They can get their link out however they want, using whatever method they want. They can go farther if they want and place free ads on the internet (they will get some sample ads to use or use as examples), Craigslist, article sites, such as this one, wherever they want, to get their link out there!

This can all be done all on their own time so they can work on it as much or as little as they want, working between homework and chores, on the weekends, whenever , and they will never need a ride to work or gas money. Can you just imagine how proud your teen will be to be when they can earn their own spending money with their own website?

If this all sounds a bit “too good to be true” then all you need to do is check it out, read the Free eBook and decide for yourself if this is something that your teen can do. This is also a great way for them to learn about internet marketing and can be a great learning tool to develop a base for a career which will keep them free of glass ceilings that working for the typical corporate company would give them.

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