Can You Really Make Money With My Shopping Genie?

Once you download the My Shopping Genie™ software it works with Google and other major search engines to find the best deals around for the product or service you’re looking for. It’s quite indiscreet and simply floats at the bottom of your computer screen. There’s several quick links and buttons on the small My Shopping Genie™ banner at the bottom of you’re screen. When you open Google or other major search engines the banner floats at the bottom of the screen. You use your search engine, as usual, and you’re able to click the compare and voucher buttons to find the best prices and offers around for the the things you want to buy.

Looking at the My Shopping Genie in a little depth; The software is patent pending in a number of countries, has been going strong in America and has recently been launched in the UK, Ireland, and Canada. MyNet Universe are planning global distribution of their free software and hope that the My Shopping Genie tool bar will be ‘the norm’ on PC worldwide in years to come making online shopping hassle free and ensuring that consumers get the best prices and deals around. MyNet Universe claim that their free software takes the time and hassle out of shopping online, bringing people the best prices and offers online at the click of finger. Their website claims that they work with over 200,000 online stores and is are able to access over 1,000,000 vouchers and special offers so that you always get the best prices and offers on net.

The company guarantees no adware, spyware, malware of any kind with it’s free download. Their website and their videos on YouTube state that the software doesn’t capture or transmit any personal details about you. I’ve downloaded the software and you’re not asked to provide any personal information, not even an email address. I also run the full Zone Alarm security suite by Check Point on my PC that has Phishing and Malware protection included. I have Zone Alarm set up to basically control the data being sent to and from my PC and haven’t run in to any issues with the Shopping Genie™ free download.

MyNet Universe appears to have eBay, Amazon and other major online retailers onside. The income MyNet Universe and their distributors make seems to come in through two main routes. Commission and Pay Per Click (PPC) income from the main affiliate partners (likely to be eBay, Amazon, Google Products, and others). Network marketing income; distributors make income from introducing new distributors to My Shopping Genie™.

There aren’t any catches, gimmicks, tricks or charges when you use the My Shopping Genie™ download, you just click the download and get the benefit of the free software time and time again. I’ve got it on my PC and have saved £150 on the Panasonic Lumix G1 camera, £30 off some Chanel Allure and many other items. So, as far as the time and money savings claims go, you do save money and time with the My Shopping Genie™ free download.

Let’s talk about the income potential then. My Shopping Genie™ is Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) at its simplest.

Commission and Pay Per Click(PPC) income.

Basically, as a distributor of My Shopping Genie™ you get to give the away as many free downloads as you possibly can. You can do this word of mouth, blogs, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, supermarkets boards, ads in local or national newspapers (it isn’t that expensive – believe or not you can get a small 13 week ad in a national paper for under £100). You get an individual license number so that you MyNet Universe knows when someone downloads one of you free downloads. Distributors don’t have to worry about setting up websites or coming up with marketing strategies as MyNet Universe provides distributors with a ready made website, marketing tools, regular live online seminars, training (if required) and much more.

So, how much do you get paid? Every time someone uses their My Shopping Genie™ software that they downloaded from you, you get 2p (when they click on the links and buttons on the little banner at the bottom of their screen). If they go on to buy something from one of the companies the MyNet Universe works with, you also get a percentage of the sale in commission. The average income from every free download is $3 – $5 per month. So, 100 free downloads equals $500 per month in additional income.

To become a distributor of My Shopping Genie™ it a one off costs $199 (£130 at current exchange rates) that allows people to pass on as many free downloads as they want.

Introducing new distributors

If you register for this element of the service you earn income every time you introduce an new distributor to My Shopping Genie™. MyNet Universe operates a binary system. Basically, there’s you, distributor 1, and then an A leg and a B leg. Every you introduce a new distributor, they go beneath you, one in the A leg and one in the B leg. The binary structure seems to be the flavor of the month for many MLM’s at the moment as they encourage faster growth and offer better rewards for clients.

Every time you personally recruit two distributors (infinite levels) = $100

For every two distributors in your A & B legs who pay their 29.00 monthly subscription = $10

Qualify for the 20% of the income from the people in you’re A & B legs (once you’ve personally introduce at least 2 people in each leg (or 1 in each in 72 hours). The income opportunities get much better if you’re able to recruit at 2 people in each leg and have a total 12 people under you (this includes the people that your recruits recruit). The MyNet Universe pay plan is non flushing and if you ever been in a ‘flushing’ MLM program you’ll know how complicated that can become, just remembering who goes where, when and how. So, the non flushing pay plan is a big plus for this program and ensures easier income generation for all distributors.

The company also offer special perks to distributors who are able recruit and build a large legs (these legs include the people recruited by the people you recruit. MyNet Universe claim they will pay allowance, mortgages, trips and much more for those who reach this position (especially if they do it quickly).

For business owners or companies

If you own your own business or your the manager or director of a company the My Shopping Genie™ free download has the potential to earn extra income for business, charities etc…

If business, charities, educational establishments register as a Genie™ distributor MyNet Universe allows them to brand the software and give it away for free to clients, staff and colleagues. This brings the potential to have the software on company computers or in colleges so that staff or students benefit from the savings on offer. Similarly, companies can put their free branded download on their website and offer it as a free gift to clients or visitors. Once downloaded by clients or visitors the companies brand will become a familiar, in a discreet way and indirectly promotes the company.

MyNet Universe charges a $29 monthly fee (£5 per week) to those who want to recruit distributors.

The Conclusion

My Shopping Genie offers free software that enables users to find the best prices and deals online. It’s safe and simple to use and doesn’t cost the end user anything. The software can only be distributed through registered distributors who pay a one off fee of $199(£130) that allows them to hand out as many free downloads as they want. Distributors who pay a monthly fee of $29 (£20) are able to recruit new distributors and earn a substantial additional income as they get a percentage of the income earned by those they recruit, once they recruit at least 4 people (or 2 in 72 hours).

I would recommend the My Shopping Genie™ free download to anyone. It saves you money, over 90% over the time. Who doesn’t want to save money? I’ve spent ages searching the internet for the best deals on items I buy, days some times and this little download has made it much easier.

I’ve also spent ages searching for real home working opportunities and have come across a lot of them, some good, some bad. This is definitely one of the good ones. It would have to be almost impossible for someone not to earn money from giving something away for free (something that saves people money and time).

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