BodHD Review: Can You Transform Your Body And Make Money In BodHD?

In this BodHD review your gonna learn more about the company and what it has to offer you. Can you really transform your body and build a business while doing it? The more important question, is where do I find qualified people who will want to join my business. BodHD has a product that is very popular right now and it is up to you to learn how to market it.

BodHD is taking a strong stand by proclaiming their products and business opportunity are guaranteed to change your life. BodHD is in the beginning stages of promoting their products but from the results of past business’s launched by the owners it has real potential. The founders of this company are Ray and Daran Grimm who have been involved in nutritional products since the mid 1980’s. They have started 3 nutritional companies in the past 30 years and each of them have brought in 50-100 million dollars in the first five years and made several distributors millionaires in the process.

They decided to jump into another nutritional company that really changes peoples lives in health and wealth. Nutritional products is their true passion and right now we are seeing a huge surge in the amount of people who are interested in being healthy. So BodHD’s products were developed using whole food, plant, and enzyme-based formulas. While developing their new products they truly had the break through they were hoping for and now have four available products that have been transforming peoples lives.

Their first product is called BLD This is a whole food based digestive formula that has a combination of 12 vegetarian enzymes and 4 stabilized probiotic strains. You are suppose to take BLD with breakfast, lunch, and dinner and this probiotic blend releases nutrients and allows the body to absorb them into usable energy that allows the body to repair itself at a cellular level. This product helps people with energy, weight loss, blood circulation, detoxification, mental clarity, regularity, proper acid production, and much more.

Their second product is called Daily, which is a daily vitamin with Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants and Super Foods. With an exclusive blend of Whole Food-based nutrition

Their third product is called Radiant. Radiant is packed with rejuvenating vitamins and minerals like Silica, vitamins A, C, E and Selenium, Evening Primrose, Collagen and free radical blasting Antioxidants. This product is full of nutrients work from the inside out to help your skin, hair, finger nails and keep you looking younger.

The fourth product is called P3 and is a recovery product that helps improve resistance to physical stress such as workouts, hangovers, deadlines, lack of sleep and other stressors. This amazing product helps professional athletes in recovery and can help those party animals who drink to much.

BodHD’s products have the ability to help transform your body. They are pack with nutrients that help the body function at an optimal level. If you want to really transform your body these products will help but you still have to watch everything your putting into your body. You will need to start paying attention to all the genetically modified food and breads that you are consuming.

Now lets talk about the business opportunity. In BodHD there is 4 ways you can make money.

  • The first way to make money is selling retail, you will earn 25% commission.
  • The second way is called the Fast Start Bonus and this is where you earn a bonus for signing up a distributor with one of their 5 packages but you can double that fast start bonus by signing up 3 people in your first 30 days.
  • The third way is called the Residual Income-Unilevel Commissions and this is when your BodHD team grows and you start earning a percentage on your overall volume.
  • The last way to earn money is called the Global Revenue Sharing Pool and this bonus is paid out to only people whose business has reached a certain volume or rank and then you share in an overall earnings in the company.

When you join the company the compensation plan will be much more detailed.

BodHD has formulated some products that have had some great results but how do you take these products and build a successful business with them. BodHD is like most network marketing companies who will teach you to promote this to your friends, family, and to the guy in the gym. This is the old school way and people have built massively successful business using those tactics. However, if you want to grow a big business with out all the head ache you will educate yourself on how to market online.

Online marketing will allow you to find targeted and qualified people who will be interested in joining your business before you even talk to them. If you get involved with the right system you could have an automated sales funnel that will be working for you while your sleeping. If your going to join BodHD or you already have it’s time to get serious if you want to make some money. There are people online everyday looking for products and business opportunities that BodHD has to offer. It’s your job to learn how to get your business opportunity in front of their eyes.

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