Authority Job Killer Review – A Blueprint to Quit Your Day Job!

Here is my honest opinion for Authority Job Killer – a new product from Alvin Huang and Joel Chue.

What is Authority Job Killer?

It’s a training course that consists of a main blueprint, process map and video series. The aim of this course is to help those people who are currently holding a 9-to-5 job but want to learn how to earn some extra money online on a part-time basis.

We all know that the Internet provides great income opportunity for everyone, but unfortunately it’s also full of SCAM and HYPE. Many people who turn to internet for a hope to earn extra bucks, actually got scammed instead. Many spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on products that promise instant riches but are disappointed!

Let me share with you that there is no such thing as “instant riches”! We have seen many products promise to make people become instant millionaire on the web these days, please don’t fall for the empty promises.

What we do have, however, is a FORMULA or BLUEPRINT or a ROAD MAP to success! It’s like visiting a foreign city, it helps a great deal if you have a city map in hand. That’s what Authority Job Killer is going to provide – it gives you a step-by-step blueprint to succeed online.

If you purchase this product, make sure you print out the process map first (only 1 page) and stick it on the wall in front of your work desk. The process map serves as a good reference when you read the main blueprint. You can also print out the blueprint but I prefer to read it on my PC because inside the blueprint, there are links to video tutorials where I can watch them online. The videos are very helpful in understanding more difficult concepts outlined in the blueprint.

In general, the Authority Job Killer blueprint is divided into 3 main sections:

Section I: Building A Strong Foundation For Long-Lasting Internet Business

As mentioned, this course is not about teaching or promising you instant riches. It teaches you the principles and shows you the steps you need to take to achieve success online. In this section, you’re going to discover 3 basic principles that you must incorporate into your business for long-term profit. If you build your online business based on these 3 principles from the start, you’re going to have a business that’s built to last.

Section II: The Job Killer Method That Generates 4 Figures Per Month

This section aims to help you achieve a 4 figures income goal (such as $1,000 per month) by implementing the 3 profit principles discussed in the first section. I am not trying to give you empty promise here but I would like to convince you that earning $1,000 per month is very EASY if you implement the principles covered in this course. It takes a little effort of course, but the effort you spend is going to be well worth it – trust me on that.

Section III: How To Scale Your Business To 5 Figures or More

The aim of this section is to help you earn a full-time income by working part-time, so that you can quit your day job. Needless to say that you need to complete the previous two sections first before jumping into this. It’s all about scaling your online business up step-by-step from 4 figures to 5 figures or even to 6 figures.

Final Thoughts:

Authority Job Killer is a great step-by-step money-making guide for those who are currently working on a full-time job. It does not promise to make you rich overnight, it just provides you the strategies and action steps to accomplish the goals. Of course, like anything that’s worth doing, there is some effort involved to achieve your goals. This course lays out the exact road map for you to follow.

Hope you enjoy this review, for more details please see links below.

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