Activating The Law of Giving and Receiving

It is one of the universal principles of creating wealth that the more you give, the more you receive. You have probably heard this principle repeated many times and in many different ways. Perhaps you know this as the principle (or law) of Karma; perhaps you know it by some other name. But you are sure to have heard it.

But, at least as far as my own experience is concerned, in almost every articulation of that principle that I have ever heard, there is something fundamentally missing from the proposition. It is true, I believe that giving activates receiving. But, really, deep down, we all know that there must be more to it than that, otherwise, everybody would certainly be rich.

At my main site, we have been giving for many years as we built it to become an authority within the personal development space. We created our library of free books and as we expanded, Google rewarded us by sending visitors. Some of those people return to Google through the advertising on the site and Google pays us for that traffic.

So, in the above example, we can see how wealth can be created online. It is a matter of first creating the necessary circuit through which affluence can flow. Once that circuit is created, then it is true that the more you give, the more you will receive and herein is the problem for many people. Most people fail (around 95% of those that try) to earn an income online because they never manage to create the circuit through which that wealth can flow.

Once you solve the problem of how to relate giving to receiving, there is genuinely nothing more than your own ability to give that can possibly prevent you from becoming wealthy. When you have the cause and effect relationship between giving and receiving worked out there really can be no stopping you – that is what it means to complete the circuit.

As we all know, it is truly ‘more blessed to give than to receive’, but in order to be able to give, we must somehow ensure we properly attend to our own material needs. The provider needs to be sustained because without a giver, there is no gift to be given. When you can truly give a gift that really benefits the receiver and, at the same time, activates the law of giving and receiving, then you can experience the joy of giving in a way that, historically, few people have ever managed to achieve. But the internet is changing all that.

Today, it has become possible for many people to complete the circuit and participate in symbiotic relationships that can provide value and create wealth at the same time – that’s what makes it so much fun to be doing what I do. And learning how to use the internet to create these relationships has been a passion of mine for the past eight years now.

Achieving success in creating wealth online requires a new way of thinking for a new era. It is a way of thinking that is alien to many who are trying to make money online because it is about giving; it is not, as so many people think, about trying to sell things. It is about first creating the circuit through which wealth can flow toward you and then concentrating on just one thing – giving.

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